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Update from Pastor CJ

For more than four decades, the favor of God has rested powerfully upon Northview. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself amazed by the legacy and heritage of our church. Our story truly is remarkable. What a privilege it is to be a part of such a move of God!

Nevertheless, I cannot shake the feeling that we still have more to gain, than we have to lose. I believe God is stirring things up within our country. And I am convinced Northview will be at the center of our nation's next great awakening as we continue rising to the occasion.

As I stated recently in a sermon, “I would rather be an overly courageous church, than an overly cautious church.” So let’s continue marching on! For the goal of F1RST is not to accumulate great things, but to accomplish great things. 

And this is a legacy season. Welcome to the party, friends. Let’s go!


CJ Johnson
Senior Pastor – Northview Church

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