Are You Open?

Being open – being generous with ourselves and our resources – takes work. It requires a full-body effort. The muscles of generosity need to be worked. We must open our minds and the way we think about giving. We must open our hearts. And we must release the grip on the resources God has given us. 

And as followers of Christ, we aren’t just called to open ourselves up when times are good. Even in hard times we stay open. God is at work 24/7. And if God is at work 24/7, that means the church must be at work 24/7.

God calls us to be open in our generosity for his glory. Generosity is a health issue. In Christ, we have the freedom to be open.

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God is at Work 24/7

We want you to feel equipped to be open to where God leads you.

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Check out our four week series about being open to what God can and will do.

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