For more than four decades, the favor of God has rested powerfully upon Northview. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself amazed by the legacy and heritage of our church. Our story truly is remarkable. What a privilege it is to be a part of such a move of God!

Nevertheless, I cannot shake the feeling that we still have more to gain, than we have to lose. I believe God is stirring things up within our country. And I am convinced Northview will be at the center of our nation's next great awakening as we continue rising to the occasion.

As I stated recently in a sermon, “I would rather be an overly courageous church, than an overly cautious church.” So let’s continue marching on! For the goal of F1RST is not to accumulate great things, but to accomplish great things.

And this is a legacy season. Welcome to the party, friends. — Let’s go!


Pastor CJ Johnson
Lead Pastor of Northview Church


100% Engagement


How am I influencing the people around me in generosity? How might God be calling me to grow in this area?


Does my lifestyle represent that God is before all things in my life?


How is God inviting me to grow in generosity as an expression of trust, gratitude, surrender and priority?


How am I investing in the things of eternity rather than the things of earth? Would others say I have pointed to Christ in my life, or to me?


Mission Advancement


Together we will invest in our ongoing ministries and trust God to accelerate the life-change that happens through the good work that God is already doing in kids, students and adults.


As a multisite church, Northview has the unique opportunity and responsibility to impact many different communities around central Indiana. We will do this by strategically investing in our campuses and retreat property, by pioneering new and relevant ministries, and by launching into whole new communities.


We want to increase our outreach to our world by increasing our investment in our local and global partner ministries, including Brookside, World Vision, Bright Hope, One Hope, International Justice Mission, Filter of Hope, Nehemiah Vision Ministries and others.



We plan to accelerate the life-change happening within our campus walls. Here are a few things we’re already celebrating:

Better Together - Marriage Ministry
$13 Million in debt reduction during F1RST
That Girl - Women's Ministry launched in 2023
Valor - Men's Ministry launched in 2023
Launched Noblesville Campus



Average weekly attendance in 2023



Baptisms in 2023



Salvations in 2023



First time guests in 2023



Total Northview livestream attendees



People joined a life group 2023



We’ve seen amazing things happen in a community when we put a healthy, passionate Northview campus in place. With the help of this initiative, we want to continue expanding our reach in Indiana.

Key Celebrations:

Northview Network
Special Needs Prom - over 455 guests attended with 500 volunteers
God Behind Bars Campuses - just in 2024 alone, there have been 36 salvations and 34 baptisms
Easter Egg Hunts - 8 campuses, 475 volunteers, over 1,100 first time guests
Brookside Community Church & Development Corporation - opened Olney Isaiah House for women and children in April 2023. Opened Refuge Center in Sept. 2023
Support 27 local partnerships



We are committed to reaching those who have not yet heard about Jesus, not only in our backyard, but around the world. Through this initiative, we want to give radically to ensure that will happen.

Here are a few of our partners we hope to bless through this initiative:

Bright Hope - Uganda
27 Full Church Partnerships
8 churches graduated and are self-sustaining
587 Pastors trained
165,869 lives impacted

World Vision - Ghana
Brought clean water to 21,000 people in 13 villages through 2023
Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene will impact 56,000 people in Ghana

Filter of Hope
Sent 13 teams totaling 158 participants
645 filters given with 240 decisions for Christ
Funding to the 10/40 window (The 10/40 window is the least reached part of the world, where 3.5 billion people live.) 
62,000 filters distributed with 11,000 decisions for Christ

One Hope
Focused on 10/40 window where 788,148 kids have been reached with the Gospel Message

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Uganda Bright Hope

Bright Hope was created in 1968 with the primary mission of providing immediate care to those in crisis situations. It has since evolved to community development through a ministry model that brings hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity through the local church. Bright Hope exists in communities that live on less than $2 a day to help them break out of poverty and find life in Jesus Christ.

Northview has partnered with Bright Hope in Uganda since 2016 and has been honored by the work we’ve joined in. Each year, we offer between three and four teams with focuses such as medical, educational, men’s leadership, family, and marriage.

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We take a holistic, Gospel-centered approach to meet the needs of neighborhood residents right where they’re at while building relationships and working together toward a collective understanding of the needs of the community.

Brookside focuses on Faith by being the local Church, Reentry, Play and Housing.

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Elizabeth, New Jersey City Relief

City Relief, formerly New York City Relief, is a boots on the ground ministry that has been serving those struggling with homelessness in New York City and New Jersey since 1989. Their aim is to provide hope and resources to the homeless community while showing dignity through inviting everyone to the table. Northview has sent GO Teams to serve with City Relief since 2016 and have been so blessed by the partnership. We generally send five teams a year, all of which engage in street ministry. All team participants must be either 18 or older.

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Filter of Hope

God’s love motivates us to help families throughout the world who are struggling with water-borne illnesses and experiencing spiritual darkness. By offering people clean water and the gospel, they experience honor, dignity, and hope. Through our partnership with Filter of Hope, we get to send GO Trips for students, families, Life Groups, and individuals all year long!

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Ghana International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission (IJM) exists for one purpose: to end slavery. Across the world, they are rescuing those in slavery, restoring them to society, bringing criminals to justice and strengthening justice systems. Northview has partnered with IJM in Ghana since 2016, and together we have seen incredible work accomplished. So far, we have seen over 200 boys and girls rescued from the fishing industry on Lake Volta. We do not send teams with IJM due to the nature and security of their work.

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Chambrun, Haiti Nehemiah Vision Ministries

Nehemiah Vision Ministries (NVM) has been serving the community of Chambrun, Haiti since 2004 when Pastor Pierre was burdened for the needs of the community and did not turn away. Since then, NVM has grown into an academy, a healthcare center, and a host for 35-40 missions trips a year. Northview has loved partnering with NVM since 2015 when we first took a vision trip. In a typical year, we send between six and seven GO Teams to NVM. Currently, we send medical, student, educational, English camp, construction, and staff care teams.

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We create innovative Scripture engagement programs specific to cultural contexts and work alongside the global Church to share them with young people.

$1 reaches three children with a relevant presentation of the Gospel – and friends like you help share this life-changing message with them!

Using research findings, each program is contextualized in order to reach children with the Word of God in the most relevant and engaging way. Though the format and delivery methods of programs differ, the message of God’s love remains the same. Explore the various programs and mediums our partners use to reach young people around the world!

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World Vision - Ghana

In 2021, Northview was able to partner with World Vision Ghana through a Chosen Campaign. Through the whole campaign, our church was able to give 2,001 children in Agortime Ziope and 657 children in East Gonja the opportunity to choose one of our Northview families as a sponsor. Through our F1RST Campaign, Northview also committed 1.5 millions dollars to WV Ghana to help start their water and sanitation programs. 

With the combination of F1RST giving and our monthly child sponsors, clean water will be brought to these communities five year sooner than projected. In addition, it has allowed WV to break ground on multiple water systems, bringing clean water to 21,000 people by the end up 2023 compared to 3,000 without the F1RST giving. Northview’s partnership will continue to help these villages with clean water, education, and food insecurity.